Small Changes To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic 

Last Updated on 15th December 2021

One of the best ways to spice up your relationship is to make your bedroom more romantic. Depending on how you set the bedroom, you can arouse a level of charm and warmth with your partner. This article explores some of the best ways to make your bedroom more romantic.

Use Romantic Lighting

There is nothing that beats romantic lighting. Soft lighting is an excellent way to make a room more romantic. Find light colours such as beige, tan or off-white to give that soft and comfortable feeling. You can use adjustable lamps and supplement them with some candles for warmth.

Small Changes To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic 

Use Music

What kind of music does your partner enjoy? You can get a subtle music player on the bedside stand or a night stable and set the mood. It can be a simple Bluetooth player or a sophisticated system, both will help to create that subtle feeling. Play the right music to lighten the tension and enhance ease in the room.

Wooden Floors Are Best

What’s more romantic than getting a bedroom flooring makeover? A wooden floor gives your bedroom that neutral and classic feel. These types of floors are comfortable to walk on, even barefoot and require minimal maintenance. You only need to sweep and periodically wax to maintain that glossy appearance. After the makeover, get some vibrant rugs to rhyme with your bedding.

Personalise Your Space

In order to make the space more romantic, you can personalise your space with photographs, art or even wallpapers. Add anything with memorabilia to remind you of the things that you and your partner love. Do you have photographs of great memories with you and your loved one? Carefully place them on the bedside stand or in designated areas of the room to invoke the memories.

Set the Mood for Intimacy and Passion

There are different ways to set the mood. You can prepare a romantic dinner for your partner, get their favourite bottle of wine and play mellow music in the background. Look for music that both of you love.

Add a Scent

Scents can be brought about in different ways. You can burn some sweet-smelling candles or scented tea lights to bring in the lovey-dovey feeling in the room. Alternatively, you may prefer to use a pillow mist, fragrance plug-ins or your perfume around the bed area. Be cautious not to overdo this as it can be overpowering.

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Sprinkle Your Bed with Roses

What speaks more about romance and intimacy than some roses sprinkled all over the bed? You do not have to worry if you cannot get fresh rose flower petals. Browse online and purchase artificial petals from reputable online sellers. Others may also use petal shaped confetti as a replacement to the roses. Sprinkle them from the bed to the door and down to the stairs to really set the mood.


Make it a habit to keep your bed well-made and clean when you get up. The process takes less than five minutes but defines your space as an important area in the house. Most of these ideas are perfect and quick fixes, especially when it’s a special day for your love, and you want to invoke a romantic atmosphere. Remember, a loss of intimacy is one of the common reasons for infidelity and divorce.