What You Need to Pack When Visiting the Outer Hebrides

Last Updated on 6th April 2022

Scotland is home to some of the best landscapes in the entire United Kingdom, and nowhere is that truer than the Outer Hebrides. With white sands and crystal-clear waters, The Outer Hebrides could be a Caribbean vacation. Dress for the summer, however, and you will feel the cold. That is why packing properly and investing in a few new pieces for your trip is essential.

The Outer Hebrides are the Maldives of the north and packing and wearing appropriate clothing will allow you to enjoy the entire stunning chain of islands in comfort. Explore the best coastal walks in the UK with empty beaches and stunning landscapes and partake in the rich cultural history. Do it all, and do it in comfort by ensuring you bring these items:

Under Layers

The best thing you can do to stay warm is to stay dry. Under layers specifically with moisture-wicking properties are the perfect companion to bring with you when visiting the Outer Hebrides. They work to keep you insulated and dry so you can stay nice and warm when exploring.

Waterproof Outerwear

To stay even drier, you are going to want to invest in waterproof gear. The hazy rain and spray from the ocean can soak through clothes that are not waterproof, and most everyday coats we will have in our closet won’t be up for the task.

The Right Foot Gear

You need footgear that allows you to hike, while also works to keep the water out. Cold feet can similarly pose a serious problem to your health, so waterproof hiking shoes are a must when hiking around the Outer Hebrides.

Materials to Choose

Moisture-wicking materials include wool and nylon, which is why you’ll find these two options very popular for underlayers. They are also very good insulators. Try to avoid cotton and linens, at least near to your skin, as they absorb moisture easily, meaning you’ll feel damp and cold before you know it.

What You Need to Pack When Visiting the Outer Hebrides

Tips on Sticking to a Budget

Professional outdoor gear adds up, but there are many ways to pack appropriately for the Outer Hebrides without going over your budget. Instead of going to outdoor stores, just stick to your local department store like Debenhams. Wait for sales, use a Debenhams discount code, or get creative. Layering is just as an effective way of staying warm as buying a down jacket or something similar and will help you look stylish and stay warm while you explore the stunning beauty that is the Outer Hebrides.

Prepping for Your Trip to the Outer Hebrides

Packing appropriately when you head to a northern destination like the Outer Hebrides will make a world of difference when it comes to your overall experience. Layer, invest in the right materials and save at every turn especially if doing activities like horse riding. The items you get now should last you a decade or more, but they also shouldn’t put you out of pocket today. Start looking and investing in the pieces you need now and book your trip for next summer to enjoy the ultimate Scottish experience.

Interesting Facts about the Outer Hebrides

  • The Outer Hebrides is an archipelago of islands to the North West of Scotland.
  • 26,830 people are estimated in 2020 to be living on the 15 inhabited islands
  • Lewis and Harris is the largest island and has over 20000 people and the most populated settlement in Stornoway.
  • Scottish explorer Sir Alexander Mackenzie was born in Stornoway. in 1793, MacKenzie became the first person to cross North America east to west, 10 years before Lewis and Clark.
  • You can fly to Stornoway Airport directly from Edinburgh and Glasgow, but most tourists travel by Ferry.
  • The region of Scotland is a former Norwegian colony thanks to the Viking settlements in 8th century AD. in 1098, Edgar the King of Scotland formally gave Norse control of the Hebrides to Magnus III of Norway.