It Isn’t Over Just Yet – Check Out These Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

Last Updated on 8th January 2022

It has been almost two years since SARS-CoV-2 became a reality in our lives, and one that we would choose to forget if we could. Unfortunately, the virus continues to mutate and it is surging in pockets here as well as abroad. Many of us thought that by this point in time all restrictions would be lifted and travellers would once again be on the road, in the air and on the sea.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and although we are anxious to take that holiday we had to forego last year, we may need to delay it yet again. It’s as painful to say as it is to hear – it isn’t over just yet. Even so, all is not lost and that long-awaited trip might still be possible.

The Worrisome Part Is Always the Trip Home

Before delving into what you need to do to prepare for a holiday trip, it might be important to get this out of the way from the very beginning. Those new restrictions that go into play on the 4th of October are meant for travellers coming into the UK.

Each country imposes their own COVID restrictions based on events on their sovereign soil. Then when you return, you will need to reassure UK authorities that you are COVID free. It’s a matter of checking in with a facility like My Healthcare Clinic that runs tests for you such as a private covid test after returning from holiday. You can get the results in a matter of hours because there are various fast track tests.

covid passport

It Really Is All in Your Hands!

Now that you understand that those new restrictions are all about the return trip into the UK, you can maybe worry a little less. Just make sure that you stay safe and try not to mingle in indoor crowds any more than you must. If it was safe to just resume travelling to pre-pandemic days, governments around the world would simply lift all restrictions.

That is a key takeaway if you don’t want to be quarantined upon arriving home to the UK. Having said all that, remember it really is all up to you to ensure you have met all the requirements of your host country prior to booking a trip. Without a COVID passport in some countries, you won’t be allowed to enter anyway. Some may accept the UK private covid test for travel to reassure them that you really are COVID free and others may want both the digital COVID passport and a negative test.

Do You Fit the Criteria?

So then, when you leave the UK, you will need to meet the criteria for the country you will be visiting and any stop gaps along the way. That is where most of the confusion rests. As a word of advice, always do the research even before you settle on buying travel tickets.

When you go for your COVID test, why not check out the rapid antigen Fit to Fly test as well? Only you can ensure that you have a wonderful trip, so do the legwork, make sure you have proof of a COVID negative test and then sit back and enjoy!

Of course for some, this might seem like a lot of unnecessary hassle, in which case we suggest you check our guide to the top UK holiday spots that rival abroad.