Pros and cons of open marriages

Last Updated on 8th July 2024

While monogamy is something that most couples in the UK abide by, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some couples decide to open their relationship to include others to switch up the dynamic.

Polyamory is something that is widely debated. While it features in many cultures across the globe, it isn’t for everyone. Having said that, many couples willingly embrace open relationships or consider it as a natural next step.


What is an open marriage?

A polyamorous relationship is one that involves other people beyond the two of you, whether in a sexual or romantic sense. This looks different to everyone – some couples date other people separately while others spend time together as a group. If you follow this approach and you are married, this is known as an open marriage.


Many people find open relationships very empowering. They find it teaches deep and meaningful lessons about love and what you want from a partner.

Others enjoy open marriages because they offer greater sexual satisfaction and allow them to experiment with those other than their partner. Even the prospect of meeting new people can add an element of excitement that monogamy can’t offer.

Experiencing all these aspects can lead to couples enjoying a stronger relationship with one another. If you’re keen to explore a freer approach to marriage, it could be an option that works for you if you go about it in the right.

Polyamorous throuple


While there are numerous advantages to an open marriage, it’s important to consider the drawbacks.

Many people decide they simply can’t handle the idea of sharing the person they love, and this is perfectly ok. Jealously is a real threat in open marriages so you should think about whether you’re happy to share your partner with someone else – and to what extent. This is where boundaries are essential.

Another issue is that open marriages can be time-consuming. With more than one person in the picture, you should make sure you have enough time for each other too.

two couples argue

Trust is key

Trust is one of the most important things when it comes to an open marriage. You have to trust your partner to follow and respect the boundaries you set together. If you don’t set these boundaries or one of you breaks them, this can make things tricky.

Only pursue an open relationship if you truly want to. Don’t feel pressured by your partner, otherwise you could find yourself feeling trapped. It’s difficult to withdraw from these situations once they’ve been introduced and especially if your partner is enjoying it.

Open marriages can lead to an array of outcomes, and often it can be the beginning of the end for couples trying to reignite their relationship. Sometimes it can be the catalyst for rediscovering what you want from life, and that is okay too. If you’re keen to seek legal advice from a family law or specialist divorce lawyer, make sure you do so from a reputable law firm.