Golf Wedges 101: Which to Use And When?

Last Updated on 1st July 2022

A lot of what makes up golf is the strategy that you use to tackle the course, there is far more to this than what meets the average eye. A large part of this strategy is what golf club you choose to use and when – as this can make it so much easier for you, and increase your chance of shooting lower scores. But which golf wedge should you use and when? We explain all here.

The main types of wedge

There are four different types of wedge. This includes the gap wedge, the sand wedge, the pitching wedge, and the lob wedge. Each club has a different loft installed that makes them more suitable for certain types of shots. Not only this, but the quality of the wedge is also important, and Titleist makes some of the best wedges to ensure you are playing at your maximum potential. Let’s have a closer look at these in detail, and when you may choose to use each.

The Gap Wedge

The gap wedge, which can also be referred to as an approach wedge – is essential for your golf bag. An average golf player can expect to hit shots that travel between 90 and 110 yards when using this club, as it allows you to take a full swing, but is not as aggressive as a sand wedge.

sand wedge

The Sand Wedge

The sand wedge is the go-to club when you inevitably end up in a bunker or rough patch of land. Due to the high loft angle, it is designed to propel the ball upwards and at speed, to get back onto the course. You can expect to hit 80- 100 yards using a sand wedge, although it may not always be about distance – and more getting back onto the course.

The Pitching Wedge

The pitching loft is designed to be used on the green, or for chip shots – typically when you are closer to the green. Although this being said, it is still a powerful club and the average golfer could expect to hit over 100 yards – making it a great asset whilst on course.

chipping golf ball out of the rough grass

The Lob Wedge

The Lob wedge is the highest loft that you may have in your bag, it is a great club to have when you are navigating obstacles and wanting to get the ball high up in the air. This being said- don’t expect to reach for this club for a  long shot – it has the shortest distance out of all these wedges and you can expect to constantly reach around the 80 yard mark.

Due to the difference in loft angles, which wedge you decide to use is going to inevitably greatly affect the shot. It is important that you choose the right wedge in the right circumstance, to ensure you reach your maximum potential.