Benefits of joining a cycling club

Last Updated on 1st July 2024

Thinking of joining your local cycling club? Whether you’re new to the sport or you’ve decided to get back on the bike after some time off, riding with like-minded people could be the best way to build your motivation.

While there are plenty of race-focused British Cycling affiliated clubs, there are also so many community-run groups with a focus on enjoyable, social group rides. No matter what sort of cyclist you’d like to become, we’ve outlined four of the most transferrable benefits of joining a club in this guide.

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Increased motivation

Joining a club means you’ll likely agree to attend scheduled rides, usually on a Saturday morning! This sense of accountability, along with the reintroduction of routine cycling, means that your motivation will grow with your fitness.

It can be an uphill battle if you’re starting from scratch, but the best part about getting into cycling with a club is the support you’ll get from other members. If you’ve got a competitive side, you’ll start to challenge yourself and make healthy comparisons with other riders in the group. Just don’t get too competitive!

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Learning more routes

Knowing where to go next when you’re riding a road bike takes some creativity. It’s easy to get tired of the same old routes, especially when you’ve got to spend time navigating your way around the busiest routes nearby.

Joining a local club gives you access to decades-old knowledge of your surroundings. From your very first group ride, it’s likely that you’ll discover roads or trails that you never even knew about – and just a stone’s throw from your doorstep! As your fitness increases, your horizons will broaden on the bike, and you’ll see even more of your area.

Safer riding

Joining a cycling club is all about learning how to ride in a group. This is a valuable skill that not only helps you ride faster and further but gives you practical knowledge of The Highway Code too. Riding together keeps you safe for several reasons:

  • When riders form a group, drivers in passing cars are forced to overtake wider and think more carefully about their manoeuvres
  • Experienced riders share tips and advice to newer and younger members, helping younger cyclists learn the best safety skills
  • Clubs maintain seasonal rules on equipment like mudguards, and you’ll never forget the importance of wearing a helmet

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Meeting new people

Finally, joining the cycling club is engaging with your community. You’ll start to recognise the riders in town when you’re not in the bike and you might be able to take part in social gatherings off the bike too.

When you’re cruising down local roads, the conversation flows naturally. Before long, you’ll find so many things you have in common with other cyclists in your area. And forming the habit of attending the weekly group ride gives you a healthy sense of accountability too.