Tips for Using a Tutorial College

Last Updated on 15th February 2023

Some students aspire to enter a college or university of their choice and enrol in their dream course. Classes in colleges and universities tend to be large, and every student needs to go through the organisation’s required curriculum.

In comparison, a tutorial college is smaller and takes in only a few students. Often, a tutorial college takes students who study for GCEs and A Levels. But some tutorial colleges also offer other courses such as Common Entrance, STEP, IB, and IGCSEs. The school can take part-time and full-time students and have flexible entry requirements. A class in a tutorial school can comprise about four students, and some of them specialise in one-to-one tuition, which is favourable to most students.

What you can gain from a tutorial college

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  • If you are not yet familiar with tutorial colleges, their tutorial system adapts to the particular needs of an individual student, instead of the student adapting to the school, which is common in traditional schools. The thrust of a tutorial school is to maximise the examination prospects of each student.
  • A tutorial college is more liberal. It does not offer non-academic matters or require the students to stay inside the school’s premises unless they need to attend classes. Students do not wear school uniforms, and they do not have sports classes.
  • The relationship between the tutors and students is closer, often addressing each other using their first names. Tutors treat the students as young adults, and they and their parents have an influence on handling their studies.
  • A top tutorial college focuses more on teaching and learning; thus, each student has the chance to achieve their potential to achieve better results in their exams.
students at Lecture
The tutorial system does not use lectures

Benefits of enrolling in a tutorial college

Using a tutorial college is beneficial to students who learn better in a smaller class setting. A tutoring programme helps the student develop better learning and studying skills. Here are more advantages.

  • The student can avail of a unique and individual learning experience, with tutors providing customised lessons and activities.
  • A tutorial college often specialises in a one-to-one approach, matching the student’s learning style.
  • Students have the opportunity to improve their academic performance as tutors prepare them for exams, working on specific weak areas. The student improves their comprehension skills when working with the tutor.
  • The students become used to self-directed and self-paced learning. The class environment teaches the student to take initiative with their schoolwork and control their learning pace. It also helps improve their confidence and self-esteem, as they have access to better learning resources.
  • They improve their study and work habits, which they can use later in life. Developing these skills will help them achieve their goals later.
  • Aside from the positive learning space, using a tutorial college encourages students to develop responsibility and independence, improving their personal growth, and teaching them to be responsible for their studies.

You gain several benefits from using a tutorial college. However, it is important to choose the right tutorial college that will match your needs and expectations and help you achieve your academic goals later.