How to celebrate your first wedding anniversary

Last Updated on 19th December 2023

It’s been one year since you got married, and it’s time to celebrate … again! The first year of marriage is all about finding your feet and celebrating your new life together. Whether you’re planning a dinner at home or a holiday abroad, we have some ideas to help you celebrate in style.

Celebrating a year of marriage

The one-year milestone is something to celebrate. This celebration is not just about remembering the day you said “I do,” but also appreciating the 365 days of living and loving that followed. It’s a time to look back at the late-night talks, the shared laughter, the quiet moments, and the small sacrifices that form the foundation of a lifelong partnership.

You have spent one year loving one another and overcoming every challenge that came your way. From the post-wedding blues to moving in together, the first year of marriage can be a rollercoaster in the best way possible.

Take the time to celebrate this milestone with your significant other in a way that means the most to you. For some, it’s finding the perfect gift, and for others, it’s planning an elaborate week away in the Maldives.

romantic picnic

How to celebrate

Your first anniversary should be all about the two of you. Whether it’s a quiet picnic in the park where you first met, renewing your vows in a private ceremony, or simply taking a moment to dance to your first dance song in the living room and looking at your wedding album, let the celebration be a reflection of the love that has grown over the past year.

Do something that you both enjoy and encapsulates your relationship. For example, some people love to cook at home together, while others like to do adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving. Find a way to celebrate that you will both like and remember for the rest of your marriage.

If gifts aren’t your love language, you could celebrate with an experience instead. Take a hot air balloon ride or plan the honeymoon of your dreams if you haven’t taken it yet. Equally, if you’re on a budget, you could plan a day of free activities like going for a hike in your local area or watching your favourite movie at home.

For a truly nostalgic touch on your anniversary, consider recreating your first date, reliving the initial spark that brought you together. Choose the same date location, dress nostalgically, and pick your original food choices. Select the music that played then, revisit conversation topics, plan special surprises, engage in the date activities you once did.

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Choosing the perfect gift for your spouse

Traditionally, the first year of marriage is celebrated with paper as it symbolises the delicacy of your new relationship and the knowledge you have gained over the years. Many people choose to celebrate the first year with paper gifts, like paper flowers, a paper scrapbook or personalised paper print. Others stray from tradition and opt for more luxurious gifts like a pair of diamond earrings or a romantic weekend getaway.

If you want to go with the traditional first wedding anniversary of paper, here are some gift ideas related to paper to celebrate that sweet nostalgia:

  • Personalized stationery or journal with your wedding vows and date
  • A handwritten love letter
  • A commissioned piece of artwork or a portrait
  • A memory book, scrapbook or photo album filled with pictures and memorabilia from your first year together. Include handwritten notes and captions to make it extra personal for all the marriage milestones, shared adventures, and created memorable moments.

Here’s to many more years of love and laughter!