5 Essential Tips for Storing Wine at Home

5 Essential Tips for Storing Wine at Home

Last Updated on 18th February 2022

Do you have a love and appreciation for all things wine-related? Do you enjoy that perfect glass of wine with a meal, perhaps while entertaining friends, or even on a quiet evening out in your garden? Part of being able to enjoy fabulous wine is making sure that you’re storing the bottles in the right way to ensure their integrity is protected. But what is the proper way to store wine? We’ve gone ahead and made things simple by providing you with the five essential tips for storing wine at home.

Bottles Should Always be Stored Horizontally

One of the first tips for homeowners is to find a place that allows you to store all the wine horizontally. Far too often people place them right side-up (vertically), thinking that is a space saving and simple way to store them. The problem is that it allows the cork to dry out. If you want to be able to store your wine for a longer period of time, the cork has to be kept moist, which means placing the bottle on its side.

Keep Them Away from Direct Sunlight

You also want to be sure that wherever you are storing your wine, it isn’t in direct sunlight. The sun can actually damage the wine’s aroma and even the flavour, making it taste ‘off’ once you do open it. Ideally, it should be kept somewhere that is dark, or at least where there is low light.

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The Temperature of the Room Plays a Huge Role

Then there is the temperature of the room in which you’re storing the wine, which needs to be perfect. Should the room be the wrong temperature, it will negatively affect the taste of the wine. As for what the perfect temperature is, that ranges from wine to wine, so it’s important to do your research in advance.

Be Mindful of Humidity Levels

If there is not an adequate amount of moisture in your wine cellar (or cupboard, fridge or closet etc.), then it will cause corks to dry out and wines to oxidize. Try putting a humidifier in the room for more moist air or place a small bowl with water into any space you are storing your wines but remember to refill it consistently.

Don’t Shake Up The Wine

Storing wine in the fridge for a day or two is okay, but you will expose it to odours and over time its vibrations can damage the wine. This isn’t only an issue with wines stored in fridges for more than one day, but any type of vibration-including those from compressors found inside refrigerators-can be harmful to your favourite drink!

Certain vibrations and noise can disturb not only the sediment at the bottom of some wines, but also alter their chemical structure. To avoid this, store them away from big household devices like a dryer, or washing machine as well as rooms that are usually busy with foot traffic.

Expand Your Storage Options with a Wine Cooler

So, what about homeowners that want to be able to store more than just a couple of bottles at once? Maybe you want to start your own collection, but you need the proper way to store them so you’re not wasting money. This is why so many people invest in wine coolers for the home, as they offer the perfect storage solution.

Whether you’re looking for a freestanding, integrated, or built-in wine cabinet, Expert Wine Storage offers it all. Its experts are available to offer you advice on what would best suit your space and needs to ensure you make the right purchase. You can learn more here when it comes to the various styles of wine storage and the many features available, such as the all-important temperature controls and freestanding coolers.

Opened Bottles Don’t Last for Long

Finally, there is the question of what to do once you open a bottle but don’t finish it. In general, an opened bottle of wine can be re-corked and kept stable for three to five days. After that, the taste will start to alter. Also, if you want your wine to maintain its flavour, it is crucial that you keep it from strong odours. This is especially important once the wines are opened, so remember!

Each of these tips will help you to store your wine just like a pro.