Outdoor Activities to Try When Visiting Slovenia

Last Updated on 26th June 2024

If you’re planning a trip to Slovenia with a love for outdoor adventure, then you’ll have no shortage of things to see and do. The country represents a confluence of cultures from across Europe, giving it a rich and unique history, which is reflected in its food, music, and buildings.

Why Slovenia is a Great Country for Outdoor Enthusiasts

A large part of the country’s appeal, however, stems from its beautiful scenery and other natural qualities. It’s a great place to enjoy an outdoor activity, with tourists from across the world arriving to enjoy a beautiful, unspoiled slice of European wilderness.

Soca River in Slovenia
Soca River in Slovenia

Outdoor Activities to Try

So, if you’re planning a trip to Slovenia, which activities might stand out as worthwhile? Let’s take a look.

White water rafting

Slovenia is arguably most famous for its white-water rapids, and there are few better places to indulge in this activity than the awe-inspiring Soča River. Most adrenaline junkies will head to Bovec, which is the staging ground for many trips onto the Soča. However, you might equally consider other, more forgiving rivers, like the Sava and the Kolpa. Once you get some experience, you can return to conquer the more hair-raising sections of Slovenian rapids.

For those seeking something milder, there is also kayaking and paddleboarding here, and at Lake Bled (main image).


Getting through a canyon involves a range of different activities. You’ll be descending waterfalls, wading through rock-infested streams, and sliding down cliffs into the pools below. While you’re in the Soča Valley, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to go canyoning. As such, the area is great for those who’d like a varied mix of activities.

Slap Kozjak waterfall in slovenia
Slap Kozjak waterfall in Soča Valley, Slovenia


There are thousands of caves in Slovenia, and new ones are being discovered all the time. Some of these are so well-explored that you can take a train through them. Others are more intimidating. If the idea of crawling through a small, dark space appeals to you, then this might be exactly the activity for you. You might also take a boat through the caves, or go diving through the dark waters there!


Just about every European nation offers an excellent hiking trail or two. But Slovenia offers an abundance of them. There are dozens of serious peaks for mountaineering, meaning that, if you’re a serious hiker, you’ll find a challenge here. On the other hand, there are also gentler trails that will suit those looking for a stroll through a beautiful landscapes section of Europe.

woman on a mountain bike tour at Lake Jezero Jasna in the Triglav National Park near Kranska Gora Julian Alps Slovenia
Mountain bike tour at Lake Jezero Jasna in the Triglav National Park near Kranska Gora, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Mountain biking

During winter, there are plenty of skiing opportunities in Slovenia. But when the snow has thawed, these same slopes are best tackled on two wheels. The cycling tours Slovenia has to offer are as varied as they are amazing.

Many of the alpine trails favoured by modern Slovenian riders are not maintained – but experienced riders will be able to tackle them. Venture to Premurje or Dolenjska, and you’ll find no shortage of challenges to overcome.


Finally, we should consider what, for many, is the ultimate thrill ride: a paragliding trip. What better way could there be to experience to astonishing Slovenian landscape and the beauty of the mountains than from the perspective of a bird, flying peacefully through the clear blue sky?