Add A Twist To Tradition With An Alternative Bridal Style 

Last Updated on 13th February 2024

One of the most enjoyable elements of being a modern-day bride is the wide range of bridal looks there are to choose from. While so many brides are excited to step into their traditional big white wedding dress, others are turning their backs on tradition and opting for alternative bridal styles.

Thinking outside the box and finding looks that truly speak for who they are. Encapsulating their personal style with modern fashion, there’s a growing trend of brides seeking modern bridal looks. From white suits to 60’s style short wedding dresses, and bohemian beach dresses. With the demand, the market is growing, and more designers are introducing alternatives to their wedding bridal collections. 

bride in wedding dress
A plunge neckline gives timeless vibes

Tips for finding your alternative bridal style 

When it comes to finding a wedding dress or wedding outfit (if you’re not a fan of dresses), there’s much to consider. This is a big element of your wedding planning and shouldn’t be rushed nor taken too seriously. Afterall, it is just an outfit, but it is one of the most special outfits you will wear in your life. 

From featuring in pictures that will last your lifetime to remaining in your wardrobe ready to be handed down to younger generations or kept in its best condition as a reminder or your special day. Your wedding style should be unique to you and your personality, as well as the love you have for your partner. Taking into consideration some of these following factors will help you in finding the perfect alternative bridal style for those brides who brides who wish to purchase a more contemporary piece instead of a traditional gown. 

  • Stay true to who you are 

While the market now offers a wide range of alternative bridal styles for the non-traditional bride, we suggest staying true to who you are. While it can be tempting to push all the boundaries, your personal style reigns supreme. Wearing what you feel best in, what makes you feel the most comfortable, will ensure you feel confident on your big day. If you go beyond the norm and opt for something completely different to your usual style, you may have some regrets later down the road. 

  • Don’t be afraid to try a range of styles 

To find your bridal style, you should begin your shopping experience with an open mind. Considering the wide range of styles available. You never know, it could be the statement white pantsuit that ticks all your boxes, when you always imagined a boho style wedding dress. 

  • Look beyond the traditional white dress

To unveil the very best of alternative bridal fashion, you must look beyond what you have always known. Looking past the traditional white dress and trying styles you may not have considered to be “bridal” before. From jumpsuits to co-ords, there’s plenty to try. To find the right look for you, you should be prepared to give all statement looks a chance. 

  • Consider the style, theme and location of your wedding 

Ensuring your outfit fits with the big day, and to help you shortlist your options, we recommend considering the style, theme, and location of your wedding day. Thinking about these factors may make it easier to determine which style is right for you. For example, if you’re planning a city wedding at your local registry office, you may want to focus your attention on sophisticated, tailored bridal wear such as white suits. While a beach wedding may call for a flowing, relaxed dress or jumpsuit. 

bride in gorgeous alternative wedding dress style
A modern alternative wedding dress can look classy with lace detailing or tulle fabric

Modern bridal styles popular with soon-to-be brides

In 2024 there’s emerging trends in non-traditional wedding dress, set to break traditional barriers and introduce brides to the growing potential for bridal fashion that is both stylish and elegant. For the alternative bride popular styles include:

  • Contemporary and minimalist bridal dresses – this includes dresses that incorporate very simple and classic silhouettes with high quality fabrics. Creating a modern wedding dress that looks perfect at a number of wedding locations, both city and destination. 
  • Jumpsuits and tailored co-ords – the perfect alternative to a wedding dress. Jumpsuits and tailored bridal outfits have become the go-to choice for brides attending their registry office wedding or formal ceremony, before changing into something more glamorous for the big party. 
  • Shorter wedding dresses – taking on the 60s trend and reviving it in a modern way, many brides have been seen to opt for shorter wedding dresses. Carefully crafted dresses with a shorter hem, perfectly accessorised to give a nod to the boundary pushing fashion forward icons of decades gone by, like Audrey Hepburn and Sharon Tate. 
  • Second wedding dresses – while a secondary evening wedding dress is traditionally worn in cultures across the world, it is not something that western brides have typically tapped into. However, this trend has been growing in popularity, with brides opting for a colourful party dress or gown to enjoy an evening of celebrations without feeling restricted by their formal wedding gown or making it dirty.
a jumpsuit considered an Alternative Bridal Style of wedding dress
A long sleeve bridal suit is unconventional but fashion-forward non-conformist chic

Accessories for your alternative bridal look

In a bid to modernise the brides style, we have also seen an increase in the number of accessories available to brides. From embellished veils to hair bows and statement shoes, accessories for your modern wedding look help to add an extra statement touch. The perfect finishing pieces for your big day.