5 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are an Excellent Investment

Last Updated on 21st February 2022

Whether you have lost a tooth due to an infection or physical trauma, lots of people find that having a gap in their smile affects their confidence and self-esteem. As well as the mental aspect, losing a tooth can impact how you eat and speak. Thankfully, there are options available to you, such as dental implants, which can improve your smile and maintain your oral health.

Here are five reasons why dental implants are a great investment, and why thousands of people opt for this tooth-replacement option.

Natural Look

Whatever tooth replacement treatment you decide on, you’ll inevitably want the end result to look natural. With dental implants, you’ll have a hard time differentiating between your natural teeth and implant! However, you’ll need to make sure you go with an experienced dentist. For example, Glasgow Smile Clinic are experts in dental implants.

The team have over 25 years of experience in dental implants Glasgow treatment, meaning you’ll be in safe hands. Once you pick a reputable provider, you can be confident your dental implants will look as natural as possible and blend in with your natural teeth.

range of Dental Implants colours
Dental Implants come in a variety of colours to match existing teeth colour.

Strong and Durable

Dental implants are embedded in the jawbone, which ossifies around the implant, helping to keep it in place. Because of this, you will find your natural teeth and dental implants will have a similar strength. This means you’ll be able to eat the foods you love and the ones you’ve been scared of eating in the past for fear of causing further damage. What’s more, if you care for them correctly, your dental implants can last for many years and even a lifetime!

Protect Against Bone Loss

Unfortunately, when you lose a tooth, bone loss occurs too. This is because when you are missing a tooth, the bone beneath starts to wear away. To stay healthy, bone tissue needs constant stimulation. Therefore, choosing a tooth replacement solution immediately is vital. If you opt for dental implants, they can help stop problems caused by tooth loss, including sagging in the face or premature ageing.

Boosts Your Confidence

If you are missing one or several teeth, this can have a huge impact on your self-confidence. For those who don’t like their smile, you may begin shying away from social events, which can break down relationships with loved ones and work colleagues.

If you’re normally the life and soul of the party, having a missing tooth can have devastating consequences on your self-esteem. When you have dental implants fitted, they can instantly lift your confidence and help you feel more comfortable in your skin. This allows you to eat and laugh without the worry of any gaps being visible to others.


While there is no denying that dental implants will cost more than bridges and crowns, the long-term value of this treatment is unmatched. Unlike other restorations which may need to be replaced frequently throughout your lifetime, if you keep on top of your oral health and look after your dental implants, you may never need to get them replaced!

If you’re unable to or you don’t wish to get bridges, crowns, or dentures, dental implants are a great option for missing teeth.

Are dental implants painful?

As with any dental procedure, some minor discomfort may be experienced. the vast majority of patients have reported minimal to no discomfort or pain following the placement of dental implants.

After having an implant placed in your mouth, it may be sore for some time. The gums and areas of your mouth where the implant is placed may be tender. You should be gentle with them and avoid hard brushing or scraping. If your pain is severe, you may need to use over-the-counter medications or antibiotics to ease discomfort.

If the pain doesn’t start to get better over time, then see your dentist immediately. The last thing you need is a problem such as nerve damage or infection to become worse.