The Benefits Of Wearing A Minimalist Watch

Last Updated on 29th August 2022

Many people who are interested in minimalism feel that having less stuff in their life is somehow an indication that they’re more content and self-aware. That’s part of what makes wearing a minimalist watch so appealing to many minimalists. A minimalist watch is just about the only jewellery that a male minimalist is allowed to wear, and it’s an item that’s not worn for fashion; it’s utilitarian. Similarly, the appeal of owning a more expensive car that is made of fewer parts or a phone with fewer features can be seen as an indication of having more self-control. Owning a less feature-packed smartphone can be seen as being intentional in your purchasing decisions in order to minimise your consumerist tendencies through discerningly choosing less consumerism.

In reality, the idea that owning less stuff will make you happier might not be true. In fact, there are two important reasons why minimalists should rethink this belief. The first is a psychological and social one: everyone wants to belong to a group, and wearing a minimalist watch and driving around in an old car can feel like you’re rejecting the majority of people in our society who have spent their lives putting those things on their wrists or bumper stickers on their cars. If you look at the world through a pessimistic lens, then this is not an enjoyable way to spend your life. We all have to make sacrifices in our lives, and it would be far more meaningful if we chose those sacrifices that best helped us achieve what we wanted in the long run, not the things that best fit our current social group or sense of self-esteem.

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It’s polite to wear a minimalist watch:

The most important reason why minimalists should rethink this belief comes from a basic, overlooked fact about the way the brain works. While it is true that wearing a minimalist watch helps reduce the amount of stuff in our lives, wearing minimalist jewellery does not fundamentally change how we think about life. In fact, in a very real sense wearing a minimalist watch is just as much of a signal to the world that you’re someone who is trying to fit in as wearing chunky jewellery. When we wear something, it’s usually an indication of what values we hold.

It conveys your sense of style and personality:

These minimalist watches from Nordgreen are typically worn by those who have a very minimal sense of style and who are not interested in expressing any particular identity or desire for attention. For most men, the minimalist watch is simply about doing what’s practical rather than about trying to express oneself in any way. While the desire to fit in can be a very strong force, that’s only because we all want to feel connected to like-minded people who share our values. Wearing a minimalist watch is just another way of participating in a lifestyle that has been made popular by other people.

It shows a sense of responsibility:

What makes minimalism so beautiful is that it’s a philosophy for living life, not about fashion or consumption. If you really want to demonstrate the kind of self-control and responsibility that minimalism espouses, then consider wearing a more expensive watch. This can have a very strong effect on the way people perceive you because it shows them just how much self-control you have in your life.

It makes monitoring your schedule easy:

The main benefits of a minimalist watch are its practicality, social worth, and pleasing effect on others. Let’s say that you’re driving in a car with no GPS or navigation system. The simplest way to keep track of the time is to use a thin digital watch face that’s designed for this purpose. If you want to track your schedule and obligations, then it’s easy to do so by simply glancing at the watch every few minutes. It’s also possible to use an app on your phone to keep track of your schedule, but that can be a lot more work.

It’s convenient:

In addition, most minimal watch designs are very aesthetically pleasing, which makes them somewhat stylish as well. If you buy something that’s more fashionable or high-end, then you might be able to attract a lot of attention, but it can also be a lot more work to clean and maintain. The biggest advantage of wearing a minimalist watch is convenience. There are very few items in life that are simple, easy to maintain, and useful. This is probably why the trend has become so popular among the tech-obsessed set.


A minimalist watch is an excellent signal to the outside world of your sense of self-control and resourcefulness. However, if you want to look at minimalism purely as a matter of style and consumerism or as just another way of belonging to a social group, then there may be more trouble in your future than you think. This is a dangerous way of looking at things because it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to continue this strategy throughout your life and maintain the sense of happiness that you might expect.